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What is SODC Clinic?

SODC Clinic offers quality dental treatment with the advantage of lower prices available in Hungary. More All dental treatments are available for a 50-70% lower price compared to UK and Irish average treatment costs. SODC services include the highest-quality oral surgery, general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and preventive care. At SODC Clinic expert oral surgeons, cosmetic dentistry specialists and skilled dental hygienists give you their undivided attention during your visit.

All our services are designed to meet the special requirements of foreign patients. The clinic offers all it's services in English. We have established a Patient Support Office to help with travel and hotel arrangements and any enquiry regarding prices and our services. We also have our Aftercare department for returning patients, and offer extended guarantee packages that suit the need of dental tourists. For foreign patients SODC clinic has a 24h Emergency line. Less

How can I ask for an appointment? How to book my appointment?

You can ask for an appointment by filling out our contact form or simply call us at your convenience. More Contant us! Less

How will I communicate with my Dental Team?

All members of our team speak fluent English. More All communication between you and your dentist shall be in English. Our dentists also speak German, French, and Russian. If you feel more confident using one of these languages you can use it with you dentist, but all official written communication is solely availably in English. Less

What are the credentials of your dentists?

SODC Dentist are selected for their excellence on the field of dentistry or oral surgery they provide. More Our lead dentists and oral surgeons are members of several Hungarian and international cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery associations and academies. Hungarian dentists are famous throughout the world for their high qualification, expertise and practical experience so their credentials are up to par with any of those in the western countries. All our dentists are registered with the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists. Less

How long should I stay?

For a free consultation a day visit is needed ( you can travel in and out the same day if flight allow ). More For restorative and cosmetic treatments like crowns, bridges, veneers, inlay onlays 5 weekday stay is needed ( eg: latest arrival 12pm Monday, earliest departure same week Friday 4pm ). For surgical treatments like implants a 3 weekdays visit is needed ( eg: latest arrival 8am Monday, earliest departure same week Wednesday 4pm ). Please note that in any case before booking your trip please contact our Support Office to confirm availability and length of time needed for your treatment. If you are unsure about what treatment you need, please contact our Patient Support Office for advise. Less

How much money can I save?

With most treatments you can save 50-70% compared to UK and Irish prices, even with the travel and accommodation cost taken into account. More Most of our patients visit us for implants or other oral surgery and cosmetic treatments like crowns, veneers. Visit our page of case studies to see real life examples for the saving in case of implants and other treatments. Less

Is all treatment cheaper in Hungary? What treatments worth travelling for?

All treatments are cheaper in Hungary compared to UK and Irish average. More Certain basic treatment, like fillings or removable dentures you can get on the NHS for free or roughly the same price as in Hungary. Many of our patients have these treatments completed at their local dentist before arriving to Hungary. Please contact our Patient Support Office for further advice on how to split treatments to save the most. Less

How do I pay for treatment?

The costs of the dental treatment you will pay directly at the clinic. More Payment should be completed the end of each stage of your treatment (the consultation, initial x-ray and written quote is free of charge). At the clinic cash payment is accepted in the following currencies: British Pounds (excluding Irish or Scottish Pound), Euro, Hungarian Forint and American Dollars. You can also use Visa or Mastarcard credit or debit card for payment. For payments with cash a 2% discount is provided! Please note that if you pay by credit card there could be additional fees due to bank fees and conversion fees charged by your bank. Less

Could I pay in GBP, EUR, USD or HUF?

Yes. More We accept payment in British Pounds and EUR. Other currencies like Hungarian Forint or US Dollars are also accepted but prices are converted from the GBP price list on a daily basis. Less

Where is your clinic?

SODC Dental Clinic is in Budapest, Hungary. Less

Do you have a London office?

No. More At any time you can reach our clinic on a local charge UK number. Less

Do you have a clinic in the UK?

No. More We offer dental treatment and consultations in Budapest, Hungary only, we have no UK clinic. Less

Do you do consultation in the UK?

We don't do consultation in the UK, but you can e-mail an x-ray or pictures of your teeth for evaluation. More Otherwise we offer a free consultation including x-ray and transport in Budapest. Less

How will I know how much the treatment costs before travelling to Budapest?

You can use our web-quote for an estimation if you know what treatment you need or have specific problems with your teeth. More If you are unsure about the treatment, you can attend our free consultation in Budapest or e-mail pictures or an x-ray of your teeth. Less

How to make sure what treatment I need?

You can attend our free and no obligation consultation to finalize your treatment plan. More You may also send an x-ray (or CT scan) or pictures of your teeth for evaluation and to have professional advise about treatment options with treatment costs. Less

Should I send pictures or x-ray?

If you don't have an x-ray yet, we suggest to send pictures and our dentist can advise further if an x-ray is needed at this stage for the evaluation or not. More Eg: we can quote for cosmetic treatments without the view of an x-ray as well as the consultation includes a free x-ray either way. Less

Would I need to bring an x-ray to the consultation?

No. More An x-ray is taken free of charge on the consultation, you don't have to bring one. If you have an x-ray not older than 3 month, you can send it across in an e-mail evaluation before your visit. Less

What pictures should I send?

Pictures should show all your teeth, focusing on the areas you have problem with. More Try taking as many pictures as possible and our colleagues will advise you further. Less

What x-ray should I send?

A panoramic x-ray (OPG) is the best which shows all teeth. Less

How can I send a CT scan?

CT scans are relatively large files which you may not be able to forward in an e-mail. More You can upload it to a file sharing website, or post it directly to the clinic in Budapest. Less

How many times do I need to visit Budapest?

Most treatments can be completed in one visit (5 weekdays). More Surgical treatments like implants require two visits (3 weekdays/5 weekdays). The treatment routines are designed to be safe an convenient for all patients travelling to Budapest. Contact our patient support office to advise about the length of stay. Less

How will I know how long to book to avoid extending the trip?

We have designed treatment routines to assure you don't have to extend a trip. More (For example: for implants the initial visit should be 3 weekdays which is enough time for any kind of treatment related to dental implants.) Contact our patient support office to advise about the length of stay. Less

Would some dental work take place on this first visit?

Yes. More The treatment can start on the initial visit straight after the consultation even, but there is no obligation to do so. Less

Is the consultation free?

Yes. More The complete consultation is free of charge, it includes a free x-ray, free written quote prepared, and free transport in Budapest. Less

How much notice do you need to book a consultation or treatment?

We can book a consultation with at least a day in advance. Less

How long does the first consultation take?

The initial consultation usually takes an hour. Less

How long do the appointments take?

The appointments take 1-2 hours. Less

Are you open weekends?

Certain Saturdays the clinic is open for consultations. More Please contact our patient support office for dates. Less

How well your staff deals with extremely nervous patients?

Our service is focusing on gentle and preventive dental care with minimally invasive treatments where possible. More Our staff is dedicated to ease the anxiety or phobia patients feel towards dentistry. Unfortunately this is a common stress form but for those who met our team so far the family like atmosphere and special gentle care helped to change the preconception patients had for dental services. Less

There are so many clinics, why I need to choose your clinic?

At SODC Clinic we offer the best quality treatment fir the lowest possible price, and provide extended patient support to assure your comfort on your trip. More Our family like staff is dedicated to special patient care through professionalism and friendly atmosphere. Since it is most important that you gain confidence with the dental team we always suggest a free consultation in Budapest, which carries no obligation or cost. If you are hesitant, please request references before you travel to hear other patients stories. Less

Can I pay via Credit Card, Cash or bank transfer?

You can pay with Visa or MasterCard credit or debit cards. More Bank transfers are not accepted until the treatment is finalized. Less

When do you pay for the treatment?

Payment is upon completion of the treatment or the end of each stage. More No deposit is required. Less

Do you do finance?

No, we do not provide financial packages. More Payment is upon completion of the treatment or the end of stages. Less

Do you require a deposit for treatment?

No. More At SODC clinic you only pay for the completed dental treatments. Less

Do you have the wand plus system in your clinic?

No. More A lidocain gel is used to numb your gum for a painless injection. Less

Is it possible to use sedation with laughing gas? Do you do sedation? Am I asleep/awake during treatment?

Sedation is not available at our clinic. More The treatments are performed under local anaesthesia. We can provide you with tranquillizing pills before treatment if you feel nervous at the dentist. Less

Do you do braces?

Unfortunately we don't do orthodontic treatment. Less

Do you do gold teeth?

Yes, permanent non removable full gold crowns are available at the clinic. Less

Can I change the size and shape of my natural teeth?

With certain cosmetic treatments it is possible to change size, shapes and shade of teeth. Less

Do you do cerec crowns?

Cerec crowns are not available at our clinic. More Ivoclar E-max pressed ceramic or Zirconium crowns can be fitted instead which are the same quality. Less

What medical liability insurance do you carry?

Each dentist carries liability insurance that is compulsory for joining the Hungarian Chamber of Dentists. More If I decide to go to Hungary, how much time do you need to organize my arrival and treatment? To organize your visit and stay takes approximately a few days including organizing your dental treatment and accommodation. In certain cases, and if you already have you means of transport, we might be able to help you within a couple of hours. Less

Who can I contact in case of an emergency?

For dental related emergency you can ring our 24h Emergency line. More For non dental related emergency please contact your National Embassy or the Hungarian police. Less

What should I do in case I would need Emergency medical treatment?

It is strongly recommended to get your health card before travelling to Hungary. More Hungary is a member of the EU, therefore your coverage in most cases would apply. For our UK patients: Less

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