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Fixed dentures

What is a fixed denture?

A fixed denture is a denture that is supported by implants. More 2-4 titanium implant screws are fitted in the jawbone to be used as anchors for a denture. In certain cases a metal bar it attached to implants to make the denture set up stronger. The denture can click on the implant anchors or metal bar. Less

How to secure dentures?

A common denture (or you may know them as false teeth) stay in place by natural suction (like a suction cup). More Secured dentures on the other hand have anchors (implants) in the jawbone. Less

What are the advantages of secured dentures?

Implant dentures are horseshoe shaped, and have no palate (this improves tasting). More Since anchors secure them they don't sit on your gums, and don't move (this improves chewing and biting) Less

Who can have implants to secure dentures?

Implants sit in the jawbone, therefore the quantity of bone mass is one crucial aspect of the treatment. More Fortunately in 98% of the cases we were able to fit implants with success thanks to our improved treatment routine. Less

What is the cost of fix dentures, secured dentures?

The most common implant denture structure is complete top or bottom set replacement with 4 implants in. More The all inclusive cost without discounts of this treatment is 3,370 GBP (3,835 EUR) for one jaw with the Alpha Bio DFI implant system. Contact our patient support office for details about this treatment. Less

What are the signs of a loose denture?

There are some obvious symptoms like discomfort in the cheeks and gum, or movement during speaking or eating. More Sore gums or ulcers indicate a badly fitted denture as well. But there are many cases when symptoms seem irrelevant to the original cause like stomach problems. With a badly fitted denture food is not chewed well, which can lead to stomach ache or bloating from indigestion. Less

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