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Budapest - About the city, travel and transport, hotels

How do I get around in Budapest?

Public transportation in Budapest is excellent. More Budapest and its environs are well serviced by a network of buses, trams, trolleys, and subway lines. Ticketing is on the honor system; however, Metro police make routine ticket checks and will issue on-the-spot cash violations for failure to present a correctly punched, valid ticket or metro pass. Monthly and yearly passes are available at major metro stations and can be used for all forms of public transportation. Taxis are readily available 24 hours a day. Less

Where can I spend my free time?

The team of Innovative Dental Care will help you find the program that suits you the most. More At your request we are able to organize day trips on your non-treatment day(s) and help you to spend your free time, suggest restaurants, museums, concerts. Less

How can I travel to Budapest, Hungary?

Daily low cost flights are available through a great number of airlines. More Please visit our travel page. We don't book flights, but help to find the best offers, and ones that suit your consultation or treatment in time. Our Patients Support Office will help with this, you may contact us by e-mail or phone at any time. Less

Where can I stay?

We offer a wide range of accommodation possibilities from 2 to 4 star hotels depending on your needs. More You can book your room through our Patient Support Office, just pick a hotel and contact our team via e-mail or phone. From our partner hotels free airport-hotel-clinic transport is guaranteed at any time. ( If you stay at a different hotel or location you arranged yourself we offer airport transport only. )

Upon arrival to Budapest the airport transfer is provided free of charge to any central address. To reach the clinic, a bus and tube pass is provided, or the clinic can arrange taxi pickup at the patients cost by request. Please, contact the Patient Support Office if you have questions. Less

How will I get from the airport to my hotel?

An English speaking driver (or partner taxi company) will greet you upon arrival to take your to your chosen hotel or directly to the clinic depending on your arrival time. More SODC Clinic offers free transport in Budapest. Less

How will I get to the Dental surgery?

In case you stay at one of our partner hotels our driver shall meet you at the hotel and pick you up for your appointment. More If you stay at a different hotel or location you arranged yourself you can reach the clinic by public transport or the clinic can arrange a taxi at your own cost by request. Upon your arrival the driver or our reception will contact you to help with directions reaching the clinic. With any question you can contact our Patient Support Office, or reach the clinic on the Emergency number while in Budapest after office hours. Less

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