Secure dentures?

Implants look and feel like your own teeth.

Every third person in Europe and in the United Kingdom above the age of 60 wears a full denture. Some people suffer from wearing dentures from even a young age. A common full denture is held in by suction or some sort of adhesive, which effects chewing, bite, and speech. Implant technology allows permanent full set replacement without the disadvantages of a common denture.

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Full set replacement with implants

What is it? How it is done?

Implants can serve as anchors for multiply teeth replacement. In case of a full set replacement implants can support a fixed horseshoe denture or porcelain bridge bridge (complete arch of 12-14 teeth). For the full set replacement 4-6 or 8 implants are fitted in one jaw. The number of implants placed in one jaw is determined by the type of the final prosthesis to gain adequate support for the teeth. The fixed horseshoe denture requires less implant-anchors, and has the advantage of a false gum line attached to teeth which replaces lost gum tissue to restore facial contours. It is also popular as a full set solution as the low number of implants allows this treatment to be completed in cases when the patient suffered from severe bone loss.

A bridge made of porcelain requires more (6 or 8) implants as anchors to achieve optimal stress resistance for chewing and biting. The bridge has the advantage that it can only be removed by the dentist, which is preferred by many patients. It also looks and feels exactly the same as natural teeth. Learn more about the full set replacement with implants.

Case study

Thomas from Chester:

"I had dentures for over a decade. I used denture glue every morning and once or twice during the day to keep them in place. The teeth looked bulky and yellow, but the worst thing was I couldn't eat my favourites. I love cashews, but the crumbles were getting underneath it and made chewing painful. I first heard about implants on tv. I visited my own dentist here in Chester who told me I had very little bone and it would be a fortune for me to get implants Practically I should have sold my flat to pay for it..."

"...I got really depressed, but my friend told me about the Budapest clinic he went to. I decided to give it a try and booked an appointment with Save On Dental Care. Their price was almost half which was amazing, but still higher than what I could afford. I decided to do the top first, and I can say it worth every penny! I now have an implant denture which is absolutely superb. It is very lightweight and it doesn't feel false at all. I love it!"

Full set replacement with 4 implants:
3,370 GBP
SAVING compared to UK Quote:
4,200 GBP