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Strong, healthy teeth are important for health and well-being.

Failing or missing teeth will make you loose confidence and make you look older. If you have several missing or failing teeth modern technology allows to use implants for a group teeth replacement. A durable several unit bridge with natural-looking replacement teeth is securely positioned on dental implants to make up for even 12 teeth on a couple of implant roots. Healthy, adjacent teeth are left untouched. This kind of treatment carries all the advantages of the dental implants, but the unit cost per tooth is almost half price.

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Several teeth replacement with implants

What is it? How it is done?
Implants are used as anchors in case a group of teeth need to be replaced. The titanium implant screws are inserted in the jawbone, and a titanium abutments are fitted to make stumps for the porcelain teeth (bridge) to be fitted. The bridge can make up to six or even more teeth. Usually an implant is fitted on each side of the bridge, but at least two are needed. Together these form a line of teeth that looks and feels just like natural teeth. See how to replace a full set of teeth with implants

Case study

Josh from Kent:

"My teeth were a complete mess! I had hereditary gum disease from a very young age and my teeth crumbled and broke away with time. I hated to smile, and my dentist kept filling teeth, and extracting them without a real solution. When the NHS dentist told me I need to have dentures I got devastated. My friend talked about SODC Clinic and I looked up the place on the internet. I e-mailed my x-ray and the dentist at SODC advised that implants would suit me the best. I had three implants done top jaw with a bridge for 6 teeth."

"First I had some teeth removed and implants were fitted immediately than left to heal for a while. When I returned for the second time the porcelain bridge was glued onto my implants. The result was and still is amazing! Now I can eat what I love and I can talk properly without slurring words. I smile on photos like mad. A true life changing event I never thought would happen. The overall saving was approximately 2500GBP but I the professionalism and care I got from SODC worth every penny."

3 Dental implants with a six unit bridge, and 3 porcelain crowns:
3,654 GBP
SAVING compared to UK Quote:
4,500 GBP