Why you shouldn't ignore a missing tooth.

Each tooth plays an important role in your oral health.

If a tooth is not replaced you will suffers from the many long term consequences. Firstly chewing ability decreases with the loss of teeth. Chewing also strengthens bone through use, but if there is no tooth to exercise bone, the area will suffer from bone loss. Other teeth will slowly shift into the position of the missing tooth which affects how top and bottom teeth meet. Gaps may appear and teeth get misaligned. Bone loss also makes visible signs on the face as lips and chin lacks support of bone and teeth. Wrinkles may appear more pronounced and you loose facial fullness.
Many who loose teeth report sensitivity and pain in the joints and muscles on the opposite side which is caused by overuse and exhaustion. Uneven use of the teeth and too much pressure on on side may impact muscles and joints, and makes teeth in use deteriorate faster.

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Single tooth replacement with implants

What is it? How it is done?
Implants are commonly mistaken for a one piece tooth replacement, but the implant itself is only the root of a complete tooth prosthesis. The implant is a small titanium screw that is inserted in the jawbone. Titanium is a special metal that allows bone cells to integrate with and sets in the jawbone. Once set this small implant root will serve as anchor for the teeth replacement. This can mean a single tooth when a titanium abutment and porcelain crown is fitted. The abutment is made of titanium and serve as a stump on which the porcelain crown is fitted as a covering. Together these form a tooth that looks and feels just like natural teeth. See how to replace a group of teeth

Case study

Leila from Bristol:

"My teeth were crooked and looked absolutely dreadful. I had two big gaps where teeth never grew and all others were stained from coffee. I have read about implants a couple of times, but it turned out I could never afford to have it done in the UK. I contacted SODC clinic through their webpage and got a quote for two implants almost a 1,000 GBP less for what I was quoted at home."

"We have decided to visit the clinic with my husband in June. The clinic helped to look up flights, and booked us a hotel room. We were picked up form the airport by their lovely driver Julius. Each day I had an appointment, and everything was very quick and well organized. I had to visit Budapest a second time, as my dentist Dr Revesz advised me to wait 3 month until the implants are finished as this would improve how the teeth look at the end. The result was astonishing, I just can't stop smiling now, and the overall saving was more than 1,500 GBP."

2 Dental implants with single Porcelain crowns and tooth whitening:
1,805 GBP
SAVING compared to UK Quote:
1,645 GBP