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Do you have aftercare in the UK?

We offer free yearly checkups in Budapest only, but you can visit your local dentist for a checkup and send us a report of your dental condition. Less

In case any problems occur, do I have to travel back to Hungary?

The treatment guarantee covers any repair or replacement work in Budapest, at no extra cost. More Travel cost is also included. Please see the guarantee conditions on our webpage. Less

What will happen if something goes wrong after leaving?

In the unlikely case that you require more extensive work we suggest to take immediately contact with our clinic to rectify the problem. Less

What is aftercare?

As a dental clinic we truly believe that care does not end after the completion of one's treatment, therefore we have set up an Aftercare Department, for the support of returning patients. Less

How does Aftercare work?

Once a patient had a consultation or a treatment at our clinic our Aftercare Department will handle their questions and queries. More You will be informed about all post-treatment instructions on how to maintain your oral hygiene all the way through your dental treatment. Less

Who can I contact you after my treatment?

While in Budapest you can contact us any time on the following number: +36 1 430 1590. More After you have returned to your home country you can contact our Aftercare Department on the following number: +44 203 318 5606 or e-mail address: Less

Do I need to come to Budapest to have my yearly check up?

SODC Clinic offers free yearly check ups in Budapest. More The check up includes free transport, free consultation, and x-ray when needed. Less

Can I visit my local dentist in the UK or Ireland to have my compulsory check up?

Although we accept reports form local dentists as a proof of attendance of annual check up, we would like to encourage our patients to return to our clinic to have their check ups carried out. More In case of having your check up elsewhere we require you to send us 1) detailed written report about your oral condition 2) panoramic X-ray 3) send all documents before the expiry day of your Annual Check up. Less

Why are regular check ups important?

Attending regular check ups at the dentist will help you to preserve your oral fitness and the aesthetics of your new smile afterthe completion of your treatment. Less

What if something goes wrong?

In the unlikely case of failure of dental fittings or any kind of dental problems after treatment please contact our Aftercare department immediately for advise and to exercise the guarantee conditions when apply. Less

Do you pay for a return trip?

According to our guarantee conditions SaveOnDentalCare (Innovative Dental Care Ltd) agrees to pay 150 EUR towards your flight cost. Less

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